Eros as Healer

Tuesday January 28, 2020

Would you even consider tapping into Eros to heal your PTSD, your broken heart, your anxiety or any other form of psychological or emotional trauma?During this episode, Anaiya will bring in the importance of including Eros in all of our healing modalities. Eros is so often the energy that is NOT included in the healing of our heart, the cleansing of our body, or the harmonization of our mind.  Eros is most often engaged with only in the bedroom, when it’s aliveness, vibrancy and vitality is critical to both life and relationship. Anaiya will demonstrate and encourage us to be inquisitive and exploratory as we partake in exercises and practices that DOES include Eros when it comes to healing our everyday traumas and disappointments. Let's understand how Eros can heal, and how in ancient times, erotic expression was the modality that built and sustained golden-age civilisations.